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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 11, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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in just 15 minutes, the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands! dinner ideas made easy. it touches you so much because you know that people's lives were not only lost, but everything that they have was taken away from the them. millions of people across the world are marking one year since the deadly earthquake and tsunami wiped out entire towns in japan. we will show you how the bay area is remembering the victims and helping in the recovery. plus the white house react as to the shooting by an americaner sdioldi that left 16 villagers dead in afghanistan. i'm kimberlier the ary live in san jose where plans to
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expand bare expand to the south bay. good evening, i'm diane dwyer. tonight across the globe millions of people are marking the anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami in japan. the earthquake is the fifth largest ever recorded. one year ago today it triggered a tsunami. together they killed nearly 20,000 people we begin tonight in san francisco where hundreds of people gathered for a vigil. monty francis is in japantown in the city with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. today's event included a religious ceremony and a moment of silence that was observed at 2:46 the exact time the earthquake struck one year ago. the japanese cultural and community center of northern california, here in san francisco, organized the remembrance, which was emceed by
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nbc bay area's own george keer yam ma. the organization received $4 million from people in the bay area since the disaster happened. the group used the money to help survivors and some members travelled to japan in september. among them was diane fukomi who told us money is still pouring in to help those touched by the disaster. >> i believe a reflection of how deeply feel people feel about the disaster and there are a lot of japanese and japanese-thais in the bay area and there is an ancestral bond between people of japanese-american decent and people in japan. >> fukomi said some of the $4 million collected in the bay area is used to fundamental health services for victims who experienced post traumatic stress and mental health issues which have surfaced since the
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tsunami hit. we're told parts of japan, they are on the road to recovery and almost back to normal but it could take decades for some of the fishing villages to recover. monty francis, bay area news. in japan sirens marked the moment the earthquake struck one year ago. [ sirens ] >> ceremonies across japan marked the anniversary. 19,000 people died or are still missing and presumed dead. people in the city of kesennuma prayed and offered silent prayers in fukushima. the earthquake and snaum tsunami cause reactors at the fukushima nuclear power plant. we will have more at 6:00 one year after the nuclear crisis in swrp a california california group is urging governor brown to phase out the state's two
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nuclear power plants. the policy center says diablo canyon and san oaf ray should be shut down. the group says the closures would prevent future disasters and shift the state to save, renewable energy resources. 25 million tons of debris washed in to the pacific ocean from that tsunami. most of it sank off of the japanese coast. a million to two million tons are still floating across the sea right now. some that could eventually come ashore here in california in about a year or so. scientists say most of the trash, including cars, bottles and photo albums likely disintegrate or sink along the way. join us for disaster in japan one year later. we will hear from people who lived through the tragedy and talk about the lessons learned, as well. and the millions of tons of
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debris floating in our direction. that's coming up right after this newscast. and back here in the bay area, the bart extension is moving forward. the valley transportation authority is scheduled to receive the first installment of funds from the federal government for the project. kimberly tere is at san jose city hall where the signing is planned for tomorrow morning. >> you are right. this is a long time coming, especially for those who worked very hard on getting bart extended to the south bay. that $100 million installment the vta receives tomorrow will be put to work almost immediately to dig the stretch. the feds pledged $800 million to help complete the extension. the total cost of the project $2.3 billion. the rest of the money will come from taxpayers and some will be provided by the state. >> overall the entire project,
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we're paying about 79% locally, which so they like that and i think they will look at that model as a model for the country. >> the congressman says the project will likely create 2700 new jobs. work on the extension is already underway. crews are rebuilding kado road on the border. service so tan san jose will likely be reopened in 2017. live in san jose, kimberlier the ary, nbc bay area news. >> the fight to bring bart to the south bay has been in the works for 60 years give or take. they decided to build expressways instead of investing in infrastructure that stopped in palo alto. opening day of passenger service for bart was september 11th, 1972. in the '90s voters a i proved a
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sales tax hike later ruled invalid. governor davis was first to earmark funds but momentum slowed with the dot-com bust. it appears the project will go through with the 2008 voter-approved bart tax and those new federal funds. in san jose, police are investigating whether alcohol played a role in a deadly car crash overnight. a car slammed in to a tree in east san jose killing 18-year-old perez and injuring the 19-year-old driver and another passenger. the crash happened just before 1:00 a.m. neighbors say it sounded like an explosion. crews rushed the driver and surviving passenger to the hospital. the hospital officials have not released their conditions at this point. police say no other cars were involved in that accident. search and rescue teams in pacifica are not giving up. they canvassed the coastline for a missing man. 27-year-old joseph mchenry was
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last seen on march 2nd at his home in san bruno. they found his car near a popular hiking and rock climbing area. the sheriffs department organized the search with the help of 40 volunteers. this was their third effort. mchenry said he was heading to pacifica to do rock climbing and camp. he is a former marine described as healthy and athletic and the search turned up gnu no clues. a u.s. service member reportedly gunned down 16 innocent people this morning. nine children and three women are mock the dead and hamid karzai is calling it a mass execution. they were reportedly kill ast they slept in an afghan village in kandahar province. it is less than 500 yards from a u.s. military base in southern afghanistan. president obama called president karzai to express his
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condolences and insisted it does not represent america's military or its respect for afghanistan. mr. karzai called it an act of terrorism that will never be forgiven. >> the larger problem will be, this is a spark landing on this tinderbox of afghanistan. >> we're saddened by this violent act against our afghan friends. our thoughts and prayers are with the families and their entire community. >> the soldier turned himself in to military official and is being detained in kandahar. leon pan net that has promised the afghans a thorough are investigation and swift justice. take one for the conservatives and drop out. that's the message from rick santorum today. coming up next at 5:00, santorum asks one of the other republican candidates to move out of the way of the nominating process. and another major player.
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we will show you the first ever 408k honoring pat tillman. pleasant weather conditions for the race in the south bay. the north bay had a little light rain earlier and skies are starting to clear, but the clearing is notastingg vy long as we are watching closely rain totals as we go through the week especially forhe north bay that will easily be passing one to three inches of rain. more on a rainy pattern developing for your workweek when we come right back. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the new wireless receiver only from at&t.
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with two days of campaigning until two republican primaries in the south, rick santorum is suggesting that newt gingrich should call it quits. fresh off of a victory in kansas, he spoke about his efforts to close the delegate gap with mitt romney. he said it might help the conservative cause if gingrich drops out of the race. so far gingrich won south carolina and georgia, the state he has represented in congress for two decades. >> speaker can stay as long as he wants, but i think the better opportunity to make sure we nominate a conservative is to give us an opportunity to go head-to-head with governor romney at some point and hopefully that will occur sooner rather than later buff we will
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see what the speaker decides. >> on fox news on sunday, newt gingrich called romney the weakest gop front runner since 1920. the british government plans to take a step to legalize same-sex marriage. they plan to launch a formal document that will allow homosexual couples to marry. but it is running in to fierce opposition by catholics in the country. a letter by the archbishop warned 0 of the dangers of changing the legal definition of marriage. >> it's consequences should be taken seriously now. the law helps to shape and form social and can cultural values. a change in the law would gradually and inevitably transsocieties's understanding of the purpose of marriage. >> the plan has been called for by the liberal democratic party and they want to allow everyone to have the option of the civil marriage regardless of their
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sexual orientation. still to come at 5:00, running in the 408. thousands of runners come out for this first year of a new race in san jose. we'll show you.
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thousands of runners took to the streets of san jose today to honor the life of san jose native pat tillman.
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the race called the 408-k race started in downtown and ended at santana row. as you may remember, tillman gave up an nfl career to enlist in the army in the wake of the 1389 september 11th attacks. he died two years later in a friendly-fire incident in afghanistan. they say the race is a celebration of his life. >> we are celebrating his life because he lived an incredible life. some people are here probably never heard of him but now you have. you made the point it has beening ayears but some people are learning more about pat and men and women like him who have the courage and conviction to step up and do what they believe. >> this she first of the the race and we are told it raised money for the pat tillman foundation. rob, i understand a couple of folks from nbc were running in the race today. >> that's right. nbc bay area well represented. at least two of the runners we have to show you there.
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our director will adams and marla tejas. she reported her finish time 38:56 seconds if that five-mile run. wow. she's in great shape and so is will. nice running conditions outside. similar to right now. the sun is breaking out after the weak system went by today. 60 san jose. 54 san francisco. 57 santa rosa. most of the rain that did fall was north of the golden gate. we got close to 500 of an inch of rain. that was it. breezy this evening which is helping to clear out the skies. we will see breezy conditions tonight. overall mainly dry not just tonight but most of monday is looking dry. a few showers north of santa rosa and that's it. monday no real worries about rain. during the day on tuesday, we will see rain dropping out of the north bay and eventually heading south as we get to the middle of the week. the radar is dry and looks like
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last night. most of the action is to the north. then surely but steadily as we head to the middle of the week we will see increasing chances of rain to the south. through 8:00 tomorrow, look at that most of the bay area is dry, nice around the south bay. in to tuesday you see the rain across the north bay. tuesday in to wednesday very slowly moving. we will see significant rain. it is not going to arrive until the middle of the week. rainfall projections as saw on the time line. from now until wednesday is north of the golden gate. this is where you will see one to two inches of rain and thursday and friday we will see the rain fill in to the south later in the week. most of the rain in the north bay, most of the snow is north of 80.
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16 inches in kingvale. winter storm warning starting on monday taking us through the middle of the dzso thele out there and monday doesn't look thatbad. partly cloudy skies, mid-60s in the south bay. a chance of evening showers for the far north bay but our temperatures tomorrow a little warm wither than today. 50s and 60s. so the timing on the three-day forecast is breezy conditions picking up for tuesday. most of that rain you are looking at on tuesday is north of the golden gate. by wednesday, you are starting to see the rain drop in the south bay. thursday in to friday that is bay-area wide rain off and on. and next weekend if that isn't enough we will talk about thunder and snow down to 2500 feet. chilly air drops in for next weekend. so a slow buildup. once it gets here, it could get interested. >> just in time for st. patrick's day. >> looks that way.
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jim, you have some cal bear news for me, i believe. >> you better believe i do. busy day in college basketball. would there be celebrations or tears? firsthand reaction from the cal bears after the march madness selection show. that's up nexsp dts ork.esty ni sports desk.
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call or click today. good evening, everyone. you want to dance? let's the marchedness begin. they took home the tournament last week but that's the half of it. where will they fall in the big dance rankings. fans gathered on the saint
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mary's campus to watch the tournament selection show. the gales get the 7th seed an will play perdue on friday. their second march madness appearance in three years. another bay area school awaiting the selection news. are you ready for the latest? what is going on with cal? >>. >> thank you so much. we are live here at a tense golden bears basketball program waiting to see whether they would be selected to go to the ncaa tournament. we are live with coach montgomery. tell us what led up, what was the feeling like as you were waiting with the final bracket to be revealed and cal was not on the board at that time. >> i think it was a sense of relief. then they got to think of it and okay, we're in. but we got to the and there is a question of -- i felt like more than two teams would go from the
5:25 pm
pac-12. i thought washington had a legitimate claim on going to the tournament. you get down to the last two you know you are not taking two in the final bracket it was a littleage out there. >> what does it say about the cal team? you missed out on a regular pac-12 title and the pac-12 conference tournament championship. however, you do select an at-large bid. this team is pretty good and i think the ncaa selection committee knows that. >> the league was not very well thought of, as you know. we had a tough time. i feel that o other, arizona if you go down the list, washington, ourselves, colorado proved, as well that there was a number of teams that could play. but we didn't have a great reputation and knew there was going to be some possibilities that we would get to and that's what happened. forto for us to get 11 and 12 that is pretty low for the pac-12
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champion that is unprecedented and never happened before. we have work to do. we feel fortunate. we won 24 games. our rpi, for whatever that means was pretty high. we had a good novn nons nonconference schedule we felt like. i thought we sdefbed to the be in but we had opportunities to win the regular season. we weren't able to get that done. we had two tough road games and a chance to win a regular tournament championship and we didn't do that as well. this is our last tournament we can win. >> that's what it is all about. it is all about dancing and cal will play south florida on wednesday for the right to play temple on friday. reporting live damon andrews, back to you. >> thank you very much. a special opening day for the san francisco softball league. the celebration took place in the city including a marching band dance performances and the
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gay/straight league took on the softball league. it is all about community. finally here's something that we never thought would be possible. randy moss, the great wide receiver could be heading back to the bay area. the wide receiver will work out for the 49er on monday. a successful day. con gravp grats to saint mary and the cal bears as well. they are all doing dancing. >> he brings up all the bad stuff and they got in and had a good season. >> exactly. let's celebrate the good. >> i'm defending them. all right. thank you, jim. thank you for joining us tonight. stay tuned for our japan tsunami special. that's coming up next and we will be back here at 6:00 including more information from afghanistan on the shooting by an american soldier. we will see you then. good night. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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